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Teaching Assistant

TEACHERS AID:  Prints Test Bubble Sheets and Grades

Simplify the task of printing, collecting and analyzing multiple-choice test results using popular bubble-sheet forms. Tests can be created on-the-fly.
• Teachers have immediate access to test results.
• By automating test workflow, teachers can spend more time with their students.
• Routing test results to email saves paper, toner and energy.
• Test reports are accurate; human error is taken out of the equation.

PinPoint Scan

EASY SCAN:  Users across an organization can scan and send documents to any one of their personalized destinations through a single, easy-to-install application.

Define your own scan destinations, whether they are folders on your PC, an e-mail address or even an application that is automatically opened. PinPoint Scan is remarkably easy to set up: first, install a small application on your PC, then define your personal PIN code and preferred scan destinations. On the MFP simply enter your PIN code and immediately see all your previously defined scan destinations directly on the panel.

Scan to folder - Save the scanned file directly on your desktop or in any folder on your PC.
Scan to email - Simply send the scanned document in a new email to your email address.
Scan to application - Send the document to applications supporting PDF files.


OCR SCAN:   Inlcudes OmniPage OCR.  Cost effective document caputre and distribution application that streamlines processes throughout the document life cycle.

DMConnect PRO

PROFESSIONAL SCAN: Inlcudes OmniPage OCR + Advanced Features; Data Validation; 2D Barcode & Form Recognition




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